I love to
draw, paint and illustrate
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design websites
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I was born and raised in Canada, then after graduating from university I headed off to travel all over Asia. Most of that time was spent in Japan, though I also visited China, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia while in the area. I've since returned from my trek and am currently living in the nation's capital and working as a designer.

When I'm not doing design I'm probably oil painting. I've done numerous commissions as well as sold paintings at exhibitions and galleries.

The Pink Cow, Tokyo, 2007
The Pink Cow, Tokyo, 2009
Gamuso, Tokyo, 2010
Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo, 2010
Starbucks (Glebe), Ottawa, 2011
Urban Art Show, Ottawa, 2012
SAW Gallery 'Sketch' Fundraiser, Ottawa, 2012
Sparks Street Artist Alley, Ottawa, 2013
Happy Goat Coffee, Ottawa, 2013
SAW Gallery 'Sketch' Fundraiser, Ottawa, 2013
Figureworks, Ottawa, 2013
The Table, Ottawa, 2015
Black Squirrel, Ottawa, 2015

Photography is another one of my hobbies. If you'd like to use an image you found on my site for non-profit use, please ask first and I'll most likely say yes. If you'd like to use one of my photos (or any other image) commercially, my rates are fairly low. Please email me for details. Some of the corporations that have used my work include CNN and DagensNaeringsliv. I currently shoot with a Nikon D300s plus a growing pile of lenses and equipment, and love it all dearly.

Oh and if you came here wanting to read about Japan, just click the legacy button to be whisked back to the good old days of dried squid, chocolate beer and crazy Tokyo life.

mike ink outline illustration