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Sometimes called Engrish or Japanglish, I decided to make a new word of my own and 'Japangrish' came into existence. Don't believe me? Type it into google and you'll only find a couple hundred listings with my site on the top.

Historically Japangrish came about as a result of two things. The Japanese love of all things American, and a very poor English education system. Nowadays however, there have been ominous reports of native Engish speakers (teachers and such) living in Japan getting paid to make Japangrish! Shame on you if you're such a person. Let's all try our best to keep Japangrish pure.

Some of the pictures here have been sent to me by helpful fans, (thanks! you know who you are) but most of them I took myself, it pays to carry your camera with you everywhere living in Japan.



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