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A student of mine recently commented to me that he didn't like the thought of haikyo exploration as it reminds him of how Japan 'failed'. Interested, I asked him to elaborate a bit, and he started to explain some of the things that really bother me about Japan, and that Alex Kerr outlined so well in his book 'Dogs and Demons'. He started to tell me about Japan's ridiculous spending on construction and public monuments, especially during the heyday of the 80's bubble. It was pleasing to hear that these things are not going unnoticed amongst the Japanese themselves, but at the same time I argued that while they do represent failures, haikyo have their own strange kind of beauty, well some do, at least to me.
I've been to Sports World in Izu once before, but the pictures I took back then were junk. Now, with a better camera and more knowledge of photography, plus happening to be in the area, I can finally do it some justice.
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

sports world balcony


sports world ticket gate


sports world dining room


sports world lap pool


sports world hotels


sports world wave pool


sports world waterslide close


sports world waterslides


sports world diving pool


sportsworld river pool


sportsworld speed slide


sports world overgrown


sports world sunset



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