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Haikyo / Ruins Izu Sports World
(Entered Sep. 21, 2008)
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During that same fateful trip to Izu, UK Mike and I split off from Jason and Aya and spent the second day haikyoing at Izu Sports World located near Numazu city. It was Mike's second time there, but my first. After I saw Mike's pictures and video of his first trip, I was keen to go and see it for myself.
We left Shimoda at about 1:00pm, thinking we'd have plenty of time to get there and explore before the sun went down. However some brainiac decided that extensive road repairs were to be undertaken today, (on a long weekend Sunday no less), and a whole section of main road was to be closed. Considering that to get to our destination there were only two roads to choose from, and that everyone in Japan seemed to be driving down the only open one, maybe you can envision how this was a slight a problem for us. Mike eventually got out and walked, and managed to get miles ahead of me on foot!
Anyway this isn't about traffic, it's about our haikyo, and we did eventually make it.

Here's the hotel section of the haikyo. At first glance you might think they were still open for business, and that this just happened to be a very overgrown resort.

izu sports world haikyo ruins

You'd be wrong though, unless this is some kind of new interior decorating style.

izu sports world haikyo ruins

Mike mentioned that things were much less vandalized the last time he was here. Please have a little respect for the haikyos whoever you are.

izu sports world haikyo ruins

This complex was huge, easily twice as big as Disneyland. Here's the wave pool, empty with a bit of stagnant water...

izu sports world haikyo ruins

One of those inflatable tube sliders. Hasn't exactly seen recent use.

izu sports world haikyo ruins

Plants are taking back Izu Sports World. It's amazing how fast wildlife reclaims civilization when humans aren't around. This waterslide still had an opening, but eventually it'll probably look like...

izu sports world haikyo ruins

...this. Not exactly a comfortable ride down.

izu sports world haikyo ruins

A shot of the tubes about to be engulfed by trees.

izu sports world haikyo ruins

It's surreal to think that at one time, kids ran around here making noise and having fun.

One of those super fast slides that goes down almost vertically. Great fun when you've got water waiting for you at the bottom.

izu sports world haikyo ruins

But not so fun when you've got trees and shrubs...

izu sports world haikyo ruins

Power went off at precisely 3:50, but whether am or pm isn't known.

Because of our traffic predicament, we only had about an hour of daylight in which to film and take pictures. Being in the mountains, the light faded pretty fast, so there are a lot of things I didn't have time to take pictures of.
Only minutes of daylight left here, this overturned car is almost invisible against the foliage and the greyish light.

izu sports world haikyo ruins

Can't haikyo without some video. Will be using Vimeo from now on, had enough of Youtube's low quality.

This was easily one of the best haikyos I've done so far, stay tuned for another haikyo adventure coming up in a few days!



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