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Do As Tokyo Does Funky Japanese Architecture
(Entered Dec. 04, 2008)
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When looking down on Tokyo from above you sometimes get the feeling that there are more buildings in this city than people, more buildings here than all the grains of sand on the beach, more buildings than all the stars in the night sky (wait a minute, there are only 2 stars in Tokyo's night sky, scratch that one). It's no wonder then that you sometimes run into some strange ones...

The first rule of Japanese architecture is: You can build anywhere, on any space, no matter how small. This is followed by the second rule which states: You will build everywhere, on every space, no matter how small. Just because the available space is only as wide as a sidewalk is no excuse for not building an apartment building.

building thin narrow stick

The thing I'm most curious about is how did they sucker people into renting the rooms here? No doubt the people that live here, work in this building.

Most people are familiar with buildings that are built on right angles, but the planners of this building weren't going to let that little triangle of land go to waste.
'Let's make it into a little triangle balcony', they thought.
Heck if I was living in the narrowest section of the building I suppose I'd be pretty glad to get any extra space, even if I had to buy a triangle shaped chair just to be able to sit outside.

buidling triangle pointy

It'd be pretty cool to have a 300 degree view from your balcony though. Kind of hard to get my head around such an idea, like having eyes in the back of your head!

These days you can do all kinds of optical trickery when using software programs like Photoshop, but none of that was used here (or in any of these photos for that matter), this building really looks like this.
The building is the headquarters of DeBeers in Japan, and I have to admit it looks pretty cool. It definitely warrants a second look, when you actually notice it that is. Jokes on them! Situated on the narrow back streets of Ginza where your view is restricted, most people probably don't even know it's there because they generally never look up high enough when walking by.

building curved warped debeers

Haven't seen it yet? Keep your eyes peeled if you happen to be nearby the Apple Store.

Just down the street you'll find Mikimoto's take on a building designed to look like a block of Swiss cheese or something. This one no doubt gives window cleaners a bit of a rought time.
Unlike the DeBeers' residence though, you can't help but notice this one, and not just because it was built on a corner. It stands out like a sore thumb.

building cheese holes mikimoto

You can almost hear those DeBeers' guys gnashing their teeth in frustration. Ha!

And there are more, many more! Send your pictures to me with some details and I'll stick them up here (with all credit to you of course).



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