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Do As Tokyo Does Abandoned Ginza
(Entered Aug. 15, 2010)
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What if one day, for no particular reason, nobody at all came to Ginza?

empty ginza

Being one of the major shopping and business districts of not only Tokyo, but all of Japan, the chances of this happening are extremely miniscule. However you can't argue that the chance does still exist, stranger things have happened. For example there is a guy in the Guiness Book of Records who was struck by lightning 7 times during his lifetime.

empty ginza brick street

Millions of people work, shop and play in the Ginza area daily, but what if all the shopkeepers decided to take the day off, the business people called in sick, the shoppers said to themselves, 'meh, maybe tomorrow', and the few people that actually live in the area happened to spend the whole day indoors with the curtains drawn, and all of this happened on the same day? It'd be interesting to know how the odds of this rank in relation to getting hit by lighting 7 times.

empty ginza uniqlo

Then you'd have to ask yourself, 'If on this certain day, nobody at all came to Ginza, would anybody ever know about it?' Kinda like a tree falling in the woods and making no sound if nobody was around to hear it.

empty ginza marion building

But as luck would have it, one person did come to Ginza on this fateful day. The truth it seems, is indeed stranger than fiction...


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