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Do As Tokyo Does Takeshita Street - Harajuku
(Entered Apr. 07, 2010)
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The most feared street in all of Japan, at least for me. Takeshita dori in Harajuku is the Mecca of all things, uh, Harajuku. Day or night, weekday or weekend, this narrow street is always a seething mass of humanity. Well ok maybe not 24 hours a day, but I've honestly never seen it without its accompanying crowds. To give you an example, the below shot was taken at around 10:00 in the morning on Tuesday.
Why is it so popular? Somehow it became THE place for fashion trends to emerge. The narrow street is packed full of clothing stores both new and second hand, targeting every fashion niche loved by teenagers these days. Whether the style you're looking for is hip hop, goth, punk, lolita, cute, visual kei, or just regular everyday clothes, you'll find it in Harajuku.

takeshita dori harajuku

Of course you'll usually find me nowhere near this place, (me being kind of agorophobic as you must have figured out by now) but on this particular day I was here, and had to get to the other side for various reasons. So instead of going around like a sane person would do, I entered the vortex in a sadly mistaken effort to save time. Perhaps one day in the far future I'll finally emerge out on the other side...


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