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Food For Thought Coke Breath
(Entered Jan. 06, 2010)
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What do you do when your breath is too minty fresh? That's the problem that the Meiji candy company put to its scientists recently, and they've finally delivered with cola flavoured gummi mints. To find out more Mike's Blender paid a visit to their head office in Chuo-ku.
"No man wants to been known as 'minty breath guy' when he's watching the game with the boys, or out at his weekly poker night," said Shoji Tanaka, the senior marketing manager, "We wanted to give guys who were concious of their breath a way to be more masculine."
When asked why they didn't invent gummi mints that make your breath smell like beer or soy sauce, Tanaka san replied that small steps were best for now, but his small smile hinted of bolder flavours to come.
Out on the street, it seems that cola gummi mints are picking up steam. It didn't take long at all to find some guys who were carrying a pack or two.
Keiji Matsumoto, a 23 year old salaryman had this to say about the situation:
"My friends always teased me when I was a kid, and when I got older, people were constantly asking me for a piece of gum. I used to eat junk food for breakfast every morning in an effort to fit in more, but now it's much simpler and faster. Thanks Meiji!"
A 24 year clerk at 7-11 who prefers to remain anonymous gave this comment:
"Meiji has come up with little gummies that make your breath smell like Coke! Just pop a few, chew, and in seconds you're ready to shout, laugh and burp with all the others!"
Tomohiro Yamaguchi, a 36 year old salesman was a bit more reserved saying that he was glad that Meiji had addressed this age old problem, but was looking forward to having more flavours to choose from.
"I like cola but I don't love it, you know what I mean? I hear that a gyoza flavour may be coming out soon though, that'll be great!"

coke breath

Meiji, you've done a great service here. Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu!


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