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Food For Thought Pepsi Baobab
(Entered May. 25, 2010)
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You know it's summer again when Pepsi releases yet another addition to its ever increasing lineup of peculiarly flavoured drinks. You've got to hand it to them though, releasing this drink on May 25th. How'd they know that this would be one of the hottest days of the year so far? Genius.
So what's on tap? Last year the theme was all about Japan, with flavours like shiso and azuki; but this year they seem to be thinking more internationally and have decided to throw some baobab into the Pepsi vat. Baobab? If you haven't heard of it, baobab is a type of tree native to mostly Madagascar, as well as mainland Africa and Australia. Both the leaves and fruits of the baobab are edible, but are not commonly found or eaten outside of Africa.

pepsi baobab

As usual, Pepsi makes an eye catching label, but how does it taste? Pretty good to be honest, Pepsi sure knows their way around chemical flavours unlike some companies I could name (Nestle for example). As for what it tastes like, well if somebody gave me a glass of Pepsi Baobab without telling me what it was, then asked me to name the flavour, I would no doubt say 'gingerale'. Only with a more determined tastebud analysis would I realize that it's slightly different. Think of it as gingerale with a bit more bite. Of course it also helps that I have no idea what baobab is really supposed to taste like, a problem that tends to affect my judgement when reviewing drinks with more familiar flavours like, say, cucumber.
Anyway well done Pepsi! Another win in my book.


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