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Food For Thought Grilled Lamb Caramels
(Entered Jul. 22, 2009)
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So Genghis Khan, a sheep and a caramel walk into a bar right? After sitting down at the counter, the bartender comes up to them.
'What'll you have?' the bartender asks the caramel.
'I'll have a beer,' the caramel says, so the bartender pours him a beer.
He turns to the sheep and asks the same question.
'What'll you have?'
The sheep looks for a second at the caramel.
'I'll have two beers', says the sheep. The bartender pours him two beers.
The bartender then looks at Genghis Khan and asks again.
'What'll you have?'
Genghis looks for a second at the caramel, then looks for a second at the sheep, then whips out his sword and kills them both. He then kills everyone else in the bar including the bartender, and as he steps out sets the whole place on fire.
After a minute he notices the delicious smell of roast mutton coming to him, but it's different this time. Curious, he waits until the blaze has gone out, then goes up to the remains of the counter. He sees that the caramel has melted and covered the now cooked sheep, so he hacks off a slice and tries it. Amazed, he immediately goes to Hokkaido and aquires the patent on a new grilled lamb flavoured caramel, and the rest as they say, is history!

genghis khan caramel

Oh, right I suppose you're wondering what they taste like? Well, surprisingly they really are meat flavoured, which while scoring points for boldness, doesn't end up making this a win. Actually some words I'd use to describe it are 'nasty', 'ill', and 'unpropitious'.
Another thing, when I opened the package, it seemed like some caramels had been taken out already... huh.
Possible uses? Let's see...
-Keep kids from ever coming back to your house on Hallowe'en.



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