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  Meet my aloe plant. Bought it on a whim when I was shopping at IKEA for my coffee table. There's something about Aloe that I like, the big, soft, squishy leaves (are they leaves?), it's simple, prehistoric look. It has a certain beauty to it that modern stem and leaf plants don't. Not only that but it's useful! The gel inside of the leaf can be applied to the skin to help soothe burns and other problems. The other day, I had a bad sunburn so I took off one of the older leaves that was falling off naturally, opened it up and rubbed it on my shoulders. Better than skin cream!  

Oil Painting!

  It's been years and years since I last held a paintbrush, I've forgotten how enjoyable painting is. I owe this new beginning to a small shop in Shibuya where I found an easel, (the only art supply I was lacking) that was on sale for half price. My oilpaint tubes, not having been used in 5 odd years, had to be opened with a wrench.... I decided to start with cats. I've painted lots of cats in the past, I've always liked them I guess. Here you can see 4 different steps in the painting process of cat #3. Pretty soon I'll be making a new oil painting page to display them all. I've done 5 so far with more coming!  
  I've always wanted a dartboard, but where to hang it? I didn't want to be putting holes in my walls with a misplaced throw. A magnetic dartboard solves the problem. You might think that the darts would fall off, or not stick well when thrown from far away, but the magnets are insanely strong and stick like glue, even when thrown from across the room. The board itself feels like cloth and is flexible enough to roll up, so it must be made of metal mesh or wire or something. These days I'm getting better and can usually make a bullseye one throw out of six.  
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