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My buddy Sean who couldn't make it to Kumi and I's wedding, surprised me by giving us a Wii for a wedding gift! Back when it first came out I was fairly keen on getting one, even to the point of considering waiting in some ridiculously long line up. When my friend Jason got one, and we started playing Wii Sports, I was even more impressed, but I told myself to wait for the hype and prices to calm down a bit.
Well now I have one and I'll be honest with you, I've played it twice in the last 2 months. Not sure what happened. A combination maybe of having no time to play, the fact that there don't seem to be any good games out there, only having one game in the first place which is kind of crap (Wii Decasports) plus a general lack of interest in video games in general... I've considered selling it, but perhaps I should make myself buy a few games for it first. Wii Music is coming out soon, might give that a try and hope it's as good as the Xbox's 'Rock Band'.

  Nintendo Wii

Canon Powershot XS110 IS

Canon Powershot SX110  

In case you're wondering why picture quality has suddenly improved on this site, wonder no more. For the last month or so, all shots have been brought to you courtesy of my new Canon Powershot SX110 (except this shot of itself of course, ironically the last shot I'll ever take with my old Fujifilm), my first camera upgrade in more than 7 years! If you didn't notice any change in picture quality, shame on you.
After about 7 years of faithful service, my Fujifilm FinePix 4500 was almost an antique. It was top of the line when I first bought it, cost 70,000 yen ($700.00) and still takes pretty good pictures even today, the reason I wasn't rushing to replace it. Technology moves fast though, and these days it's no match for even the cheapest digital camera out there.
However my new Canon is definitely not the cheapest one out there, and I can do things with it that I never even dreamed were possible with cameras!

      I'm not a PC (anymore)

But why stop at a camera though? It was way past time to tech-up. Almost all my friends were ahead of me when it came to hardware. It had been years since I bought any electronics. My website deserved more. I deserved more. With swiftly vanishing hard drive space, and a noticable decrease in CPU performance in my Dell, I knew I'd be needing a new computer soon, but who would've guessed that I'd switch to Apple? A MacBook to be specific. A lot of my friends and family are Mac users and rave about them, but none more so than Jason, who was very helpful in answering tons of Mac related questions I put to him which finally convinced me to make the change. Other factors included not being keen on Vista, a lack of confidence in Microsoft in general, and being impressed by the MacBook's great design, usability, performance, quietness and security.
And what a change! 250GB of disk space, 2GB of memory (that I'll soon be upgrading to 4GB), and a 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor. It's funny to think of my old Sony Vaio's stats now...

  Apple Macbook
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