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      Cleaning Upgrade...
  After years of living on my own, I finally went out and bought my very own vacuum. You might ask yourself, 'so you've never vacuumed your floor even once in Japan? God, your floor must be disgusting...' Perhaps, but in lieu of a vacuum I often used the smaller object in the picture to clean my floors, the one that looks like one of those things you use to paint walls. I'm not sure if they have these things in the West, not even sure what to call it. Instead of paint, it is covered with very sticky paper, and when you roll it on the carpet, it picks up all manner of stuff that you never knew was on your floors: lint, hair, food crumbs, bugs, etc. It's actually kinda useful. After you've rolled it around a bit, rip of the used section of paper and chuck it out. However, not really environmentally friendly and a pain when trying to clean corners and edges. To solve these problems, in comes my cool white and blue Hitachi vacuum. I never would have figured that I'd be proud to own a vacuum, or that vacuuming would be fun. I guess I'm becoming more domestic all the time....  

Indian Curry!

  Who needs to go to an Indian restaurant when you've got cooking skills like I have? I'll admit to being influenced by my buddy Scott who posted about his own curry cooking a few weeks ago. Not having any recipe I browsed through google for a while until I found a nice curry recipe site, picked one I wanted to try and had a look at the ingredients list. Suprisingly simple. I already had most of the ingredients. And away we go! The thing about curry though, it takes a friggin' long time to make. After adding the oil, onion, garlic, chilli pepper, cumin, tumeric, coriander and ginger, you're supposed to let it cook for about 15 mintues. After that you add some water, salt and tomato puree and let it cook for another 30 minutes! Then you add your vegetables and meat, etc. and cook again.... Talk about whetting your appetite. Anyway I decided to be healthy and made a vegetarian curry, adding chick peas, mushrooms, spinach and eggplant. Was it any good? Not bad at all, but slightly mild. More chilli powder next time.  
  I felt a little traitorous when I went out to celebrate the American Thanksgiving day this year. The Canadian (true) version is in October, on the 2nd Monday while the American version is on the 23rd of November. Anyway my friend Jason, being American, was eager to celebrate so he, and some of his students, UK Mike, Kumi and I headed out to the Pink Cow for their amazing Thanksgiving buffet. Luxury comes at a cost though, it was 3900 yen per person, (about $40) . We all tried to get our money's worth by eating as much as we could, you can see my plate piled up on the top left. However I was unable to eat a second plate much to my disapointment as the food was excellent. Guess the days where I could do that are behind me now.  
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