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      Sakura House Reunion!
  Oops, forgot to smile again. Once upon a time, in a place called Komagome, I lived in a ratty little guesthouse owned by the evil real estate company called Sakura House. Inside it's flimsy walls lived three other people including me. Dillon and Fumie sitting between Kumi and I, lived together in the room across from me, and Gregory, on the far right, lived downstairs, and in fact, still does, but has plans to leave soon. The four of us decided to have a little reunion/party and we had a great time reminising about Sakura house life together with the flies, cockroaches, mice, tiny fridge, thin walls, earthquakes, etc. The house may have been a dump, but I was lucky in that all my housemates here were cool people. Having lived in guesthouses for quite some time, I have lived with my share of uncool people, believe me.
Joining us is Kumi, who never saw my tiny Komagome room, and Greg's fiancee Azusa. Dillon and Fumie are now happily married and living two floors above me in my current, much better, building.

Christmas Morning 2006


Christmas was a quiet affair this year, just Kumi and I, and our UFO catcher chicken, who somehow managed to make it into the picture, and for some reason is still at my place....
I tried to keep things traditional this year like my mom would've done. I bought a Christmas tree for the first time, made apple pancakes for breakfast and got cleaned up and dressed before opening the presents. Only mistake I made was not washing the breakfast dishes first. After some nice presents, Kumi and I saw the new James Bond movie which I thought was quite good, then went to a really nice French restaurant for dinner. No particular reason for the French restaurant, just that we couldn't think of anywhere else to go. Merry Christmas everyone!

      New Blender T-shirts!

A new look for my webpage calls for new t-shirt designs don't you think? Santa knows fashion never sleeps and so rewarded Kumi and I for our good behaviour this year by sending us matching t-shirts with the new logo. Woody is of course on the back of the shirt. What are you waiting for? Order yours while they last!

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