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      There's a new blender in town...

Mike's blender has been replaced! No, no, I mean my actual blender has been replaced, not the site. Anyway yes, a day of both joy and sorrow as we usher in the new and say goodbye to the old. Say hello to my snazzy new Tescom model who will be taking over blending duties from now on. My old Hamilton Beach blender has served me faithfully and well, but after blending some thousands of banana-blueberry milkshakes, it's become somewhat grotty, smelly and permanently stained. It's been with me since even before this website went up though, I received it way back in 2001 in Canada as a Christmas gift, and it was the reason this site got named what it did, so a little respect is in order! Now I have to decide whether to have it bronzed or just leave it in the trash area of my building.


Never Again!


After finishing my third year of teaching highschool, I swore to myself that I'd never do it again. The last two years weren't pretty, but this year was like plunging into the depths of hell. There was this one class in particular.... During class time the students would regularly sleep, eat, drink, talk, listen to music, use their mobile phones, play cards, play their PSPs, play their Nintendo DSs, walk around, fight with and shout obsenities at the Japanese teacher working with me, etc. Now you might think that I could've done something to try to stop it. I could've tried shouting at them, I could've tried to reason, I could've tried begging, or even hitting them, etc. But none of that would've worked. How do I know? Because the Japanese teacher tried all these things and invariably got one reaction: Laughter. And by laughter I mean the cruel, 'you're an idiot' kind of laughter. Ahh, the good old Japanese education system where the teacher has as much power as a worm trying to control a raging mob. Anyway third year's the charm and I'm finally outta there!

      Science Books...

When I was a kid I used to spend hours reading and looking through these old encyclopedia-like books my dad had about dinosaurs, chemistry, astronomy, nature, and other science-like stuff. Since leaving Japan I've always missed having books like that around, interesting stuff you can leaf through on a rainy day, etc, so I decided to go about gathering my own set. I've managed to collect four so far, all done up by the Smithsonian Institution. They are, in order of having bought them: Universe (astronomy and physics), Animal (animals and biospheres), Earth (geology, geography, meteorology) and Science (mostly chemistry, biology). The first three are really good, with great photos and interesting, up-to-date information, but the Science one seems to be made for kids, and the diagrams are just awful. There is one more in the set I plan to get called Human, and then all I'll need is one about dinosaurs and it'll be just like the old days.

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