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      The Return of the King!
  My buddy Scott (to my right), previously known as 'The King of Roppongi' returned to Japan for a couple weeks recently. His reign was brief but widely considered by experts to be 'one of the greatest ever known' (sic). What made his regime so great? Mainly his generousity to his subjects in having parties and get togethers at his palace, which was within walking distance from Roppongi. He reigned supreme for about 2 years but was exiled back to Canada by forces beyond his control. He then fled to Australia to escape the winters and since then, has secretly come back to Japan for a few incognito visits. At the far right is his girlfriend (princess) Makiko, To Scott's right is JC, who took power after Scott, but although he tries hard to be a good King, he is considered by same experts (above) to be unable to match Scott's rule. Although he is generous, he decided to build his palace in a far away location to make it more difficult for his subjects to share in the wealth. Anyway the four of us got together on Scott and Makiko's last night for beers, food and conversation. Good times!  

JC's birthday!

  JC turned 36 today! To celebrate the fact that he's getting older, he decided to combine a halloween party with his birthday and the result is a bunch of drunken people wearing silly costumes showing up at his house. Well to be honest only a few people wore costumes, and even though you might notice me wearing an afro, it's not mine, it belongs to Mike standing beside me in the cowboy hat, which happens to belong to Yasuko who you can see in the background of the bottom left picture. In the foreground you can see Jason and Kumi, Jason wearing Kumi's headgear when in actual fact he is supposed to be dressed up as Harry Potter. Why's everyone exchanging costumes? At the bottom right is Bruno in his chicken hat or something... JC has a huge place and there were more than 30 people there, most of them women who I'd never seen before. Turns out a lot of them are single and good looking too! So why is JC single as well??? Hang in there buddy!  
      Kraft Dinner!
  Funny the things you miss when they aren't readily available. When you live in a foreign country one of the things that affects you the most is the lack of many of the food products that you can get back home. In Japan, the list of things that you can't find here but wish you could is very, very long. Back home I only occasionally ate Kraft (macaroni and cheese) Dinner, and while I liked it, I didn't love it. More than 6 years in Japan makes you crave the things you can't have though, and until now, I'd never found Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner here. But a chance peek into a foreign food store in Akihabara changed all that. Before, I usually brought a few boxes back with me whenever visiting Canada and savoured them over here, and will probably continue to do so. Why? My euphoria was short lived. The price of one box here is 318 yen, which is about five times more expensive than it is back home. As you can see though, I decided to splurge on a box. Looking forward to getting a few more for Christmas from the parents this year though!  
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