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      Fukushima for New Year's 2008!

As usual, a bit overdue for a My Life post. Once again went up to Fukushima (Kumi's hometown) for New Year's, and once again I had to put up with winter temperatures both outdoors and indoors. I just don't understand how people managed to live in Northern countries before central heating was invented, but staying in Kumi's parents house gives one a great opportunity to find out. People survive by putting little gas-powered stoves around a room. I say 'a' room because usually only the living room/kitchen has them. Things like showering, sleeping, and going to the washroom are all done in igloo like conditions. However, besides never being warm, we had lots of great adventures like going skating (I can still skate after an 8 year hiatus), going back to the swan/duck sanctuary, hanging out with Tora and Kumi's family, etc. We even went on a little haikyo adventure to an abandoned theme park once known as 'Green Land'. Good times.

  Fukushima New Year's 2008

Great Garbage!

Tokyo garbage camera tripod  

Japanese garbage probably deserves a post all to itself, but I'll stick it here for now.
The good ol' days of the 80's bubble economy when people threw out brand new TVs, stereos and refrigerators are pretty much over, but now and then you'll still find a gem or two in Tokyo's trash. For instance, a week ago I found this great camera tripod just sitting in the garbage area of my apartment building, nothing at all wrong with it. This kind of thing harks back to the times when people threw perfectly good things out not because they're broken, but because they bought a better (meaning more expensive) one. Me? I'm not proud. For example a few years ago when cash was hard to find, I furnished half of my apartment with shelves, tables, chairs and mirrors found lying out on the street. So now it would be nice if I had a decent camera to go along with my tripod as my little digital one looks a bit silly sitting on top of it. However, finding a Canon EOS Rebel XSi sitting in the garbage is probably a bit much to hope for.

      Coffee Love...

Funny to think that years back I was a staunch anti-coffee advocate. Hated it, never drank it, etc., etc. Now the pendulum has swung the other way completely and I'm a confirmed coffee lover. I'm not just a coffee lover though, I'm a good coffee lover. Don't bother me with those instant coffee mixes or those damn cans of coffee sold in vending machines, I only drink coffee of the highest quality. So it is with great pleasure that I use my new, expensive coffee/espresso maker. I got it for Kumi for christmas, but don't tell her how much I love it, she might get suspicious. Of course she loves coffee too, she's the one that got me on to it actually. The machine is the first step, but the coffee beans have to be great as well, and right now I recommend Dean and Deluca's selection, but only because I haven't had time to sample a wider variety. Favourite beverage? Cappuccino!

  espresso coffee maker
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