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      Christmas Parcel!
  Some parts of living in Japan can be a drag, like not being able to get certain food and other products you just need to have. My family saved the day though by sending me a care package! It was actually supposed to be a Christmas present but it came late so that's why I'm posting about it in January. Anyway as you can see, there's chocolate, kraft dinner, popcorn, gravy, maple syrup, deoderant, allergy and pain medicine, shampoo, skin cream, underwear, and the list goes on! Thanks a bunch fam!   Care Package

Egyptian Restaurant...

Egyptian Restaurant  

For those of you who read my website in detail, you might remember me mentioning that I went to an Egyptian restaurant after the last time playing discgolf. Anyway the restaurant was pretty good. The food itself was fantastic, especially the falafel, pita and papaganoko. Only problem was, (as usual in Japan) the sizes were just to damn small, and the prices sky high! The service was good though, and the restaurant redeemed itself by having a free belly dancing show after dinner. I'd never seen real belly dancing until then. I have to admit it was pretty good, and sexy too of course.

      New Darts and Dart Bars!

One of my Christmas presents from Kumi was my own set of professional darts. Not the regular pointy kind, the ones that can only be used on an electronic dart board. Kumi has been playing with her co-workers for a while now. Anyway, we've gone to a few dart bars where I've had a chance to use my new darts and what do I find? Kumi is better than me! The first time I used my new darts, she beat me 5 games to 1. The next time I barely managed to hold my own at 2 games to 2. For some reason my darts always seem to end up scoring either 1 or 2 points even though I'm always aiming for 20 or the bull's-eye.... Kumi swears that she's not aiming but consistently manages to get numbers between 15-20. Time to get practicing I guess!

  Kumi playing darts
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