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      Underwater Fan Club...
  It's getting to the point where I can't even go and hang around outside anymore. As soon as I step out the door, I'm surrounded by my screaming fans all trying to get a piece of me, asking about what my next blog will be about, trying to get my phone number, my picture etc. At first it was exciting to be so popular, but nowadays I long for the good old days of anonymity. How do the other big stars deal with this? Maybe they don't, I guess I'll just have to learn.  

Meat Pie!


Pies! The Japanese are just not on the pie bandwagon (to my sorrow). Fruit pies exist here and there, but are small and expensive. It is difficult however, to find a meat pie.
Then one day Kumi told me she was 'thinking' about making a pie for dinner. I was like, alright! But she clarified to me that it was a thought only, and that she hadn't decided yet. Well a tiny bit of nagging later, she produced this nice handmade beef and cheese pie, with a little help from me of course (I brushed egg on the crust to give it that nice golden colour). With this experience under our belts, we're almost ready to open our own pie shop! We just need the money and a storefront and then we'll be set. Any help?

      Toshima Highschool

School is finally out! Again! When I started my job, one of the stipulations was that I take on a highschool ALT position. Apparently other teachers didn't want it, and so began my trials and adventures at Toshima. It's been two years now, and you can see some familiar faces plus some new members as well. Brendan (middle) and Kassy (far right) and myself made it through another year with a little help from Ms. Kuwayama and Ms. Shimizu. Compared to last year's picture we perhaps look a little older, a little wiser, a bit more worn down.... Will there be a third year? I guess you'll have to wait and see!

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