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      We're famous!
  We're famous! After seeing Spiderman 3 (which I thought was only so-so), Kumi and I were accosted by this TV crew who wanted to interview us about what we thought of the movie. We were like 'wow, yeah, cool,' and all that, but things didn't go quite as we hoped. Instead of asking normal questions they came out with puzzlers like: 'In three words or less, describe the most moving scene in the movie'. Barely enough room for an adjective. As well it was all in Japanese, so Kumi was trying to translate things for me and I was asking her questions, we were having our own little discussion on camera trying to sort things out. Probably not the smoothest take in history, but maybe we'll get a one second clip. Supposedly on all channels starting around May 24th. Let me know if you see us!   Mike and Kumi on TV

Chef Boyardee Ravioli...

chef boyardee ravioli  

Ravioli! Just another thing that's practically non-existant over here. I grabbed a couple cans of Chef Boyardee's finest when on my Canada trip, and stuffed them in my suitcase intending to eat them in Japan. Checking my bag at the airport though, some customs official asked me what the metal containers were in my bag. 'Ravioli' I answered. He shook his head and told me I'd have to get rid of it, that ravioli was not allowed to be taken out of the country. At my look of confusion and dismay he started laughing, saying he was just kidding. Uhhh, right. Jokes in airport security? I guess there's a first time for everything.
So was it worth all the hassle? Actually no, it was kind of gross....

      Cadbury Creme Eggs!

More culinary delights! In the same league as Loblaws cake, Cadbury's creme eggs fall into the category of things sweet enough to make most people gag. Inside the chocolate exterior is a white and yellow creme (supposed to resemble an egg I suppose) that's approximately 1 trillon times sweeter than sugar. Kumi couldn't even finish one and donated her package to me. Hooray! The Cadbury rabbit only lays these eggs around Easter so make sure to stock up.

  cadbury creme eggs
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