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  Mike's Birthday Party! (Entered Apr. 17, 2006)     Random Musings...  

Birthdays only come once a year so it's important to do something memorable. This year I decided to have a houseparty because a) I've never had one before, and b) I'm finally living in a place large enough to cater to things like parties. So without thinking, I sent out emails and posted on message boards to pretty much everyone I know. I only sent the invitations about 48 hours in advance so I figured, 'hey, everyone probably already has plans, so I'll need all the people I can possibly scrounge up!' As it turns out, the head count peaked at over twenty people! Who would have thought I was such a popular guy? Not only that, about one third of the people I invited did have other plans, a blessing in disguise perhaps because 20 people is pretty much the limit of my apartment. Anyway all that aside, things went alright and people seemed to enjoy themselves. I even did a little fiddle performance at the request of a few people which went over well. I was a bit nervous at the beginning that I didn't have enough food and drinks but everyone brought some stuff with them, and a few even brought presents and cards! (very touching). Actually the amount of leftover beers, coolers and wine bottles is pretty amazing, I could probably have another party with the leftovers alone.

Here's Chris, angry cuz there's no pizza left. Out of all my friends in Japan, I've known Chris the longest, but now he has plans to head home this autumn!

Here we have Dale and Kumi. Lots of Kumis at the party, 3 in total when you include my Kumi and Chad's Kumi.

Bruno, a little dazed, taking shelter under my clothes.

Dillon, one of my ex-housemates back when I lived in that tiny room in Sakura house.

Jason doing some geeky stuff, is that an extra large Q-tip?

Henry, Jason and Mike doing some deep thinking.

Me posing with a chu-hai. Meanwhile Chad pretends not to notice as JC casts a come-hither on Joanne, but she's unaffected.

The gang is entertained by my Dell Inspiron 6000.

Masaomi on the left, and Chiharu in the middle, two of my students from way back in the past. On the right is Fumie, another one of my ex-housemates.

Yaeko and Kumi interrupted from a deep conversation about guys, namely Bruno and I.

The birthday boy!





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